A Simple Solution to the Censorship Filter

Posted in #openinternet by skepdadblog on February 16, 2010
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Work with me here.

The federal government, possibly in partnership with Google, creates a national ISP as part of the NBN.  Google Tubes?

This ISP provides means-tested internet access to all Australians (residential only, or commercial too? I don’t know, what do you think?).  The lowest income earners pay nothing.  Everybody else pays market rates.

This internet connection is filtered however Conroy wants to.  But it is opt-out.

The people of Australia then have a choice.  If they so desire, they can have a Safe For Children (TM) internet connection at a fair price.  If they are an Aussie Battler (TM) they get free access to the world of education and self-actualisation that the internet provides.  Cue a ticker tape parade for the Labor government.

ISPs are spared the expense and trouble of implementing flawed mandatory filtering.  They may lose a bit of business to this new competitor, but the market rates for all but the most disadvantaged (and thus unlikely to pay for a commercial ISP) will limit churn to only those who want a filter.

The people of Australia are spared state censorship unless they really want it.

So, where are the holes in this brilliant and insightful plan?


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