Titstorm: you’re doing it wrong

Posted in #operationtitstorm by intratubes on February 16, 2010

Operation Titstorm, a co-ordinated attack on several Australian websites, including the Australian Parliament’s and Conroy’s site, in response to both the proposed filter and new levels of RC classification, is completely counter-productive and will only hurt the movement to have a free and uncensored net.

I fully understand that this may be one of very few methods that some younger people feel they can use to have their opinions and stance on this issue heard. But let me expand on that. This is not going to get the right message across, and will only belittle the reputation of those who are against the filter.

The news that these “hackers” attacking websites in protest has already reached the Australian voting public. But it reaches them as another story of why the Internet, in their eyes, needs regulation and control. And it will certainly provide a political springboard to garner further support and justification for this regulation and filtering.

This is reality. Any bonehead can point a connection at a web server and flood it with data, rendering it unusable. Titstorm will only provide support for the filter in the average Joe’s eyes, and will give the political arm another reason to push this ahead.

Many organisations opposing the filter have been quick to distance themselves from Titstorm, as they should. If you want to make a difference, talk to family and friends who are less tech-savvy, to those who don’t understand the issues, the voters.  You can tell them the real issue yourself and the reason for your argument against it, and why they should oppose it. Or you can point traffic at a web server and wait for them to see the “evil hacker” story on the evening news.

Your choice.


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  1. skepdadblog said,

    This is spot on. What were Anonymous thinking? We need to educate people about this issue, not hand Conroy a “hackers are bad, m’kay?” platform on a silver platter.

    Similar damage has been done by the sex advocates in their campaign to keep their porn free. Now these folks aren’t vigilante hackers, but they are a fringe group; and like it or not, mainstream Australia tends to automatically lean away from fringe positions. Conroy simply stands up and says “who cares what a bunch of porn lovers want? We’re Protecting The Children!!!” and mainstream Australia chants “Amen!”. Fail.

    We will only win this war if mainstream Australia realise that we are just like them. And that means not haxors, not porn lovers, and not – as much as it pains me – anti-theists worried about theocratic moral panic.

    Let’s stick to what we do have in common with mainstream Australia – we distrust politicians, we hate to see politicians wasting tax money rubbing up lobby groups, we love our kids and want to protect them, and we value our liberty. Let’s not ruin any chance of mainstream Australia seeing that by pushing fringe positions, however strongly we feel them.

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