Riding the Nepotism Train to Voteville

Posted in #openinternet,#skigate by skepdadblog on February 17, 2010
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What has our favourite senator been up to lately?

Now I’m not saying that Conroy is corrupt – Tony Abbott says that far better than I could – but he’s certainly no stranger to “private meetings with stakeholders”.  Remember when Conroy privately briefed the Australian Christian Lobby – and only the ACL – on the results of the filtering trial before announcing the filter legislation?

I’m confused about this use of the term “stakeholders” too.  Stokes and the ACL clearly have a vested interest in the proposals.  But aren’t they the ones benefiting from them? If you decide you’re going to raid your dad’s wallet to take your girlfriend to dinner, should you consult your dad or your girlfriend?  Britney’s thinking about the delicious lobster.  Dad’s thinking about the mortgage.  As your hand closes around a couple of fifties, you’re thinking about the sweet lovin’ after dessert.  Britney’s a firecracker, but that don’t make it right.

Surely the Australian taxpayer is a more important stakeholder as we’re the ones actually footing the bill with our hard-earned battler dollars.  Where’s our private briefing?  Where’s our consultation?  As usual, we’re the suckers who do the work, pay the bills and watch while Conroy uses our money to buy a solid gold ticket on the nepotism train to Voteville.

Not my vote, Conroy.  Not my vote, Kevin.  How do you sleep at night?


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