Decision Wellington

Posted in #atheism,#ausvotes,#openinternet by skepdadblog on July 19, 2010

I cooked Beef Wellington for the family last night.  As my son dislikes anything that isn’t Vegemite sandwiches, my daughter is in a contrarian phase and my wife was a little harried at the aforementioned children, I had the lion’s share of it.  Which, given my occasional culinary success, wasn’t a bad thing.

This election is a bit like that Wellington.  At the heart of it is a big slab of beef – my beef against conjob Conroy and his patriarchal and dangerous moral panic filter.  Said beef is coated in tangy mustard – the condiment that tastes amazing in moderation and burns the tongue if used irresponsibly.  Such is the delicious yet occasionally painful debate around the censorwall.

The seasoned beef is rolled in the messy mushroom, onion and celery duxelle of focus-group-driven policy on the run to appeal to swing voters in marginal electorates.  This serves to cloud the debate and hide the all-important beef from view.   Finally, the lot is rolled up in the puff pastry of spin and sniping that we must carve through to get to the issues.

I think that’s +1 internets for pushing that analogy as far as it could go, and minus several dozen internets for a dodgy analogy in the first place?

Here’s my problem.  I think Joolia would make a better prime minister than Tony.  Sorry Tony, it has to be said.  However, the Labor party makes me want to eat my own face.  The Liberals, despite their faults, are a party that I can get behind in the House of Reps because I feel, however misguided this may be, that they are at the heart a slightly more honourable, slightly less grubby party.  That matters to me.

the Liberals have a policy of opposing Conroy’s filter in the form that has been debated over the past six months.  That matters to me as well.  The Greens are even more steadfastly opposed.  This, direct from a Green Senate candidate:

… we are vehemently opposed to the internet filter and think it should be ditched rather than just shelved. … Our commitment to this issue is firm and we do not engage in policy-for-preferences.”

I believe Joolia’s atheism would be better for the nation than Tony’s catholicism.  This matters to me a lot.  So…

Do I vote for a party I can’t stand, implicitly supporting a filtering proposal that I also vehemently oppose, to get the PM that I’d prefer?

Do I vote for a bible basher PM who would in all likelihood be as diplomatically and culturally savvy as the Duke of York (though, given Gillard’s treatment of East Timor, it might be a close race on the diplomacy) to get the party I’d prefer and oppose the filter?

Do I… vote… Green?   Hmmm.  Never done that before.

Green in the Senate seems a no-brainer.  The preferences deal with Labor gives them a boost for the balance of power in the Upper House.  One part of me wonders if, given that the filter was a play for Fielding’s Senate vote in the first place, Labor would stick to it once they no longer need Family First?  In any case, with the balance of power, the Green’s stated firm opposition to the filter would be enough to prevent it ever getting into law.

So it seems to me that it will be Greens first and Labor last in the Senate, and maybe even Green in the Reps, with preferences to Gillard (not – hear me well here ALP – to Labor).  I get the right PM, stop the filter and sleep well on Saturday night.  Might even cook a celebratory Wellington.  The Libs ditch Tony as unelectable (sorry Tony, I genuinely feel a bit of fraternal sympathy for you) so Hockey can toss Labor out on their ear in 2013.  Result.

Then, on Monday 23 August, it’s on with Education Revolution II to get the fucking bibles out of state primary schools.

we are vehemently opposed to the internet filter and think it should be ditched rather than just shelved. Clause 81 of our media and communications policy states that we want to “ensure that regulation of the internet is transparent, accountable and protects freedom of speech, expression and access to information”. Senator Ludlam has done a lot of work on this issue since that policy was finalised, so the most up to date summary of our position and all our recent statements on it is available here
Our commitment to this issue is firm and we do not engage in policy-for-preferences.


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