Out of the Mouths of Babes

Posted in #ausvotes by skepdadblog on July 26, 2010
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I was watching the debate last night when my five-year-old son walked in, resplendent in jammies and carrying his bedtime book.  He jumped up on the couch with me (standing on my genitals in the process, as is his wont) and wriggled into the warm part under my arm, handing me the aforementioned book with a meaningful look in his eye.

We read a little before he asked me what I was watching.  I explained in a very non-partisan way about Prime Ministers and elections, and how the lady on the left was explaining why she should stay PM and the man on the right was explaining why he should become PM.  We watched for a little while, before he pronounced Tony Abbott as his preferred Prime Minister.

I asked him why, briefly wondering if he had in fact been reading The Punch online while I wasn’t watching instead of playing Lego Star Wars.  His reply?

“Well, the lady keeps telling lies.”

Touché, wee man.  Touché.